Saturday, May 3, 2008

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

What's stranger than a PlayStation 2 game costarring The Professional's Jean Reno and House of Flying Daggers' Takeshi Kaneshiro that's all about killing hordes of ghoulish samurai monsters? A budget-priced PC port of that same game two years later, coming from a completely different publisher. Ubisoft did the bare minimum in translating Capcom's original PS2 version of Onimusha 3: Demon Siege to the PC, so not even the game's references to the original control scheme have been modified. However, since the underlying source material is great stuff, and since the game still looks good and mostly runs smoothly, this version of Onimusha 3 holds up quite well.

If you're interested in Onimusha 3 for the PC, chances are you haven't played the previous games in the series (or maybe you're a morbidly curious fan of the series). All you really need to know is that for all the hard work put in by the heroes of the Onimusha series, slaying countless demons and zombies in their effort to vanquish the power-hungry warlord Nobunaga, they've been woefully unable to finish the job. Onimusha 3 begins as Samanosuke, the noble samurai from the original Onimusha, is assaulting the fortress in which Nobunaga has been pinned down. It would be a very short game if this were to be the warlord's last stand, so instead, a temporal rift suddenly appears during the confrontation, and Samanosuke is whisked away to Paris in 2004--and he's not the only one. The sorts of demonic fiends that have plagued medieval Japan now appear in droves in the streets of France, and they begin slaughtering everyone in sight. One of the survivors is Jacques, who unwittingly becomes Samanosuke's counterpart. Both men gain the favor of the Oni, in the form of a soul-sucking gauntlet and the ability to wield elemental weapons. And even as Samanosuke ends up in the present, sure enough, Jacques ends up in medieval Japan. Now, with the help of a little winged spirit named Ako (basically a black-winged Tinkerbell), who can conveniently whisk her way across space and time, these two warriors will need to put a stop to Nobunaga's nefarious time-traveling schemes--and hopefully find a way back to their respective eras.

While that's a pretty great setup, the plot turns out to be predictable and filled with ham-fisted dialogue. But it's still entertaining, thanks to some impressively choreographed cutscenes, and the underlying gameplay makes for some fast-paced fun, too. This is a fully 3D hack-and-slash action adventure, filled with lots of combat and some light puzzle-solving. The default keyboard controls are complicated, though they work reasonably well after you've had some practice using them. But if you hook up a nice gamepad to your PC (like Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller), you'll be able to play Onimusha 3 using the solid, responsive control scheme that was originally designed for it. Apart from these control options and getting to set your preferred screen resolution, don't expect many PC gaming conventions from this port of Onimusha 3. The ability to save your progress is limited to using "magic mirrors" scattered around the gameworld (these also serve as stations that can power up your weapons). Some environmental textures look blurry and ugly, though some great-looking characters and animation help balance this out. At least the manual explains the default keyboard controls, since the game itself still cites the PS2 controller's buttons.

There are a few occasions in which transitions between camera angles may cause you to take a cheap hit from an offscreen enemy, but for the most part, you're afforded a high degree of maneuverability, and you can easily conduct battle on your own terms. The action itself follows Onimusha's strong formula. It's simple and streamlined, letting you quickly mash on the attack button to execute effective attack combos. But there's also incentive to play with finesse. By properly timing an attack just as your opponent is about to strike, or by immediately attacking after deflecting an enemy's blow at the last possible moment, you can execute a deadly critical hit that causes your fallen foe to let loose a much greater quantity of soul orbs than usual. As in past Onimusha games, souls are used as currency for powering up your weapons and defenses (as well as for restoring your health and magic), so there's constantly good reason to be pulling off these instant-kill moves.

Optional training sequences will give you plenty of practice with these and Onimusha 3's other combat techniques, such as Jacques' ability to entangle his enemies with his energy whip, shoot them a bunch of times with his pistol, and then slam them into the ground. The action here isn't complicated or terribly deep--you'll fight many of the same types of enemies over and over, and most of them aren't particularly challenging. But Onimusha 3's gameplay is fast and good looking, rewards careful timing, and offers up enough variety between the playable characters and their various weapons so it's consistently quite entertaining. Overall, Onimusha 3 offers a reasonably lengthy single-player adventure that will take you a dozen or more hours from beginning to end. And then there's a good quantity of unlockable bonuses to keep you busy for a while after that.

There's only the default difficulty level available at first, but if you die a few times, an optional easy mode is unlocked. A hard mode becomes available once you finish the game, along with a side quest involving one of the game's ancillary characters. There are some other extras, too, such as additional unlockable outfits and minigames. One option you don't get is to hear the original Japanese voice-over. At the beginning (and end) of the game, the French characters can be heard speaking their native language. Thanks to Ako, though, Samanosuke and Jacques will soon be able to understand each other as they magically switch over to English. Fortunately, the English voice acting is pretty good on the whole.

Even though it's been jarringly displaced from its native platform, Onimusha 3 for the PC still delivers some quality action and thrilling story sequences. As long as you're willing to accept some ripped-straight-from-the-console shortcomings, you'll likely see from this version why Onimusha 3 was so well received on the PS2 in the first place.

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Jing explodes counterattack of A dark accept cling to Sa! Wen Ge has 75 million break the universe 3 days king
In the past a few sports season, ba Salian add digs a general from Asenna, henry, Fabuleijiasi and the Song Dynasty are cast in succession from cacique field. But in this summer, look condition should produce 180 degrees to turn greatly, "Cling to Sa should take care! "Publish Saturday originally " daily sports signs up for " an aphorism is hit in front page, media discloses this Jiatailuoniya Asenna is preparing to be in this summer to cling to Sa launchs counterattack, aimed at Baerdesi, Biliya and Sangqiesi at a heat these 3 cling to Sa player.
" daily sports signs up for " express Wen Ge eventually resolved should undertake to Asenna major key is rectified, the professor is satisfied at dozens small no longer small be troubled by, satisfying at the patch up to reserve banquet, decide to want to introduce a few however can cogent the player that increases team fighting capacity, actual strength of concede points group realizes a leap. This sports season is failure undoubtedly to Asenna, they left early each champion, still issueing ticket of coronal of sports season Europe to go all lengths for now. Generally speaking, wen Ge always favores those brilliant youths, but professor decision should give gunman infuse a few experience now, this is gamble, ante is cling to 3 players of Sa.
Asenna's current leak is apparent, in door general locally, sports season behaves Sizesiniben how terrible, be taken from inside brunt battle array by Wen Ge in the knockout of Ou Guan of the 2nd bout to Bai Ren. In fact, since Lehmann since leaving, asenna does not have a reliable door all the time will. Baerdesi is a first-rate choice undoubtedly, this Spaish is seasoned, had harvested pot of champion of 3 Europe coronal, and the technology below his foot is outstanding, it is current football passes the door with the most accurate ball likely even will, special the ability tactics requirement that accords with Asenna. And advanced field, [url=]cheap nike shoes for kids[/url] the departure on the west gives model admire Asenna apparently caused tremendous effect, the goal rate of Ji Lu and Boduoersiji is not high, wen Ge thinks Biliya and Sangqiesi can solve this problem.
Another reason criterion that makes a choice depends on Wen Ge, sangqiesi's contract is only longer in these 3 players, biliya and Baerdesi and cling to the contract of Sa will expire in next summer, among them Baerdesi has announced to won't be mixed cling to Sa renews the contract, and also make the decision that does not renew the contract if really than Liyaru, so cling to Sa can be in only sell them relative to low price with this summer, shunned money of next summer person two sky. And the competition that considers Ba Safeng line is very intense, and this summer Neimaer can land Nuokanpu probably, the possibility that Biliya does not renew the contract is not little, have a world cup next year after all, his need is enough much match assures condition.
Nevertheless " daily sports signs up for " also point out cling to Sa won't easily give in, to Baerdesi, the club states his social status is 20 million euro already clearly, if club bade reachs this number, he can go. And to Biliya, cling to the attitude of Sa is very specific also, regard history of Spanish nation group as optimal archer, the possibility of nonexistent sacrifice, media predicts Jiatailuoniya cling to the psychological bottom line of Sa also is 20 million euro. As to Sangqiesi, although this sports season behaves the Chilean not beautiful, but his contract should arrive to just can expire 2016, cling to the offer that Sa can consider above of 25 million euro only, calculate so, asenna wants to sign these 3 players, must cost 65 million euro, absolutely with great quantity.
(Responsibility edits: Zhu Aimin)

The ball wins eventually after 26 years, hart advocate handsome: Before contest after silent contest joyous
Changeover of field of hart group objective defeats sun team today, stopped team to be opposite in guest field thereby of sun team 24 be defeated repeatedly. After contest, hart advocate Shuai Ji Mu - Boyilan expresses, the metropolis before before a few years everybody is surpassed talks about this one record with incentive team member people, can fail be successful, the everybody before be being surpassed this did not talk about this record at all.
We are done not have at all before Benchangbi is surpassed actually talk about this one record. Bo Yilan says, go a few years, we had tried many times to discuss and encourage everybody before contest, counterjumper people, cheer! From last time we win a ball here already two years. Nevertheless, that never be successful passes.
He still expresses, oneself are ready the data of sun of guest field conquer was expressed 1987, throw away in order to wait for after contest it, celebrate together with everybody.
Accordingly, I adopted contrary policy this, stop talking does not talk about that record. Bo Yilan says, nevertheless, actually I prepared the data of sun of conquer of our guest field was expressed 1987, after we win a ball, can be so over there throw away its, celebrate together with everybody. Let them see this one act is quite interesting at that time.
Last time but be in,guest field beats them 1987 ah, this is too ages ago. These players have a lot of to had not been born in those day now. Bo Yilan continues say.
Hart player Ravi - when that one record speaking of after Sangdesi surpasses, say: I know this one [url=]cheap jordans for sale[/url] record, because was opposite in guest field last year,we have before the match of the sun had spoken of. This nevertheless I hope we won't talk about that record again before the match, and we were accomplished really. I do not like old job bring up again, that meeting creates very great pressure. Nevertheless, very glad that we show up today go up broke that in succession to defeat a record.
Hart is 26 years ago with sun of conquer of 115-107 guest field when, two teams have 13 to had not been born in 30 players of the battle array now.

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